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Video: How To Make Your Mac Display Black & White (Steps Included)

Infographic: how to make your Mac black & white (Click to enlarge)
Ever wanted a Black & White Mac? Probably not, but it never hurts to know how. And it makes for a great prank!

Here's how:

1. Head into System Preferences 〉 Accessibility 〉 Display
2. Check the box marked 'Use Grayscale'.

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How to Use Airdrop on iPhone / iPad

AirDrop has been a feature of Mac OS X for a few years now and in iOS 7, Apple decided to add AirDrop to iPhone and iPad too. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you can share files between an iPhone and a Mac. Only between two iOS Device (iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPod, etc)

On the plus side, AirDrop works extremely well on iOS and transfer images takes a fraction of the time it would take through iMessage. What's the catch? Well, for one thing, the devices have to be in close proximity to one other. Not necessarily side by side, but it'll definitely work better if they're in the same room.

So here's how you use AirDrop:

Enabling AirDrop:

1. Grab two iPhones (or any iOS Devices) and make sure they're near one another.
2. To enable AirDrop on the devices, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, choose AirDrop and select 'Everyone')

Sharing with AirDrop:

1. Touch the share button. (the little rectangle with an arrow coming out of it). Wait for a few seconds till the other user's image and name appear on the share sheet. The other user's device must be unlocked and AirDrop must be enabled on both devices.

2. Select all files to transfer and tap the other user's name.

3. The receiver will be asked to accept or decline the transfer. Choose accept and voila.

You can also AirDrop notes, videos and a bunch of other things between iOS Devices.
For an alternative to AirDrop, see Bump.

Video: How to Set / Change a Password on a Mac

Ever wondered how to set a password on your Mac to keep it from prying eyes ? Or maybe you just want to change / remove that pesky password you have right now. Watch this short video to learn how.


1. Open System Preferences
2. Click on Users & Groups (May be called 'Accounts' in older versions of Mac OS X)
3. Select the desired user and click 'Change Password'
4. Enter your old password (Leave blank if there was no password)
5. Enter your new password and verify (Leave blank if you want to remove your password altogether)
6. Enter a password hint to help you remember
7. Click 'Change Password'

Quick Tip: Invert Screen Colors

Mac OS X Screen with Inverted Colors
Mac OS X Screen with Inverted Colors

Quick Keyboard Shortcut: Press. Command+Option+Control+8 together will invert the colors of your Mac screen.

If that fails, go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and check the box titled 'Invert Colors'.

Did that scare you ? Don't worry. It's completely reversible and completely harmless. Pressing the same keys simultaneously will revert the colors back to normal again. Alternatively, uncheck the 'Invert Colors' box to revert back to normal colors again.

Additional Tip: You can use this when in Photo Booth on Mac to avoid the blinding white-screen flash that comes every time you take a photo.

My New Project: SCubed.me

Hello Everyone,

I've created a new website with a friend: scubed.me to help students prepare for their SAT Subject Tests. Please check it out and share on Facebook and Twitter. It will be greatly appreciated.

Follow on:
Facebook - facebook.com/scubed.me
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Website: www.scubed.me

Tip, Split and Calculate: iOS App Update

We've recently updated our iPhone app: Tip, Split and Calculate for iOS 7. Be sure to download it!

Tip, Split and Calculate version 1.1
What's new in Tip, Split and Calculate Version 1.1

• User Interface has been completely redesigned for iOS 7.
• Fixed a bug some users of iOS 7 were experiencing with the app.
• Added a new "Share App" button

Safari Push Notifications on OS X Mavericks

Safari Push Notifications on OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks includes a great new feature to receive push notifications from websites. That's right. I said websites. I was pretty amazed when I heard about it back in June but I had absolutely no idea how they'd work. How would I choose which websites could send me these notifications. Would it be automatically based on my bookmarks and top sites? Or would the website have to add some sort of link from where I could enable push notifications. The integration of web and native features intrigued me. I figured the websites would have to add the option to send push notifications since it seemed like the only logical way to do this.

And so it is. As it turns out, when you visit websites (on Safari) which have enabled push notification, they automatically ask you if you'd like to receive push notifications from them. You simply have to choose to and they'll send them on their own even when Safari is not open. It's that simple.

I don't know of many websites apart from nytimes.com and nba.com that have enabled these yet but most websites seem to be quite eager to hop aboard and enable these soon.

To change your notification preference (for example, if a website sends annoying updates very often, you can always choose to disable it later by going into Safari Preferences > Notifications.

iOS App Updates: BBM and iBooks

The latest app updates include a complete redesign of the Remote and iBooks apps by Apple to keep in sync with the iOS 7 design and also an update to BBM which now allows non-cellular enabled devices (iPad, iPod) to use BBM. But there's a catch.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

A new version of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app has been released which brings support to iPod and iPad. Previously, BlackBerry had initially stated that the app would not be supported on iPod and / or iPad but it seems to have changed it's mind in the latest update. Other than a few minor changes, the BBM retains its overall look and feel.

What's new in BBM Version

- Support for iPod and iPad

- Invite BBM contacts to BBM Groups by Email
- 'Tell your friends’ feature helps you connect with friends on BBM
- Quickly share your BBM PIN and PIN barcode to your social networks
- Fixes an issue where some users would be missing BBM Contact names
- Resolves some issues experienced in right to left language support
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download it here

Note that this is not a new iPad app, merely an update to the existing iPhone app. So on the iPad, it still works in pixel-doubled (2x) mode. Also, despite the BBM app update, BlackBerry has decided to maintain its position on multiple device support. Which means that you can use BBM on your iPad only if you're not currently using it on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Or you have multiple BlackBerry IDs: one for each device. Doesn't seem like a great idea on BlackBerry's part considering the trends in cloud enabled software. Particularly since iMessage does support multiple devices, including Mac.


Apple has redesigned iBooks to maintain the homogenous iOS 7 looks across Apple apps. As expected, the real-object mimicking Bookshelves have disappeared and have been replaced by a Newsstand-like look. As far as I can tell, the app also seems to be a quite a bit faster than the old app. Apple has, however, left traces of skeuomorphism in the app such as the page-turning effect in Books that we all know so well. All in all, the update redesigns iBooks rather well, making for a visually pleasing app with a great new icon.

What's new in iBooks version 3.2

-iBooks has been updated with a beautiful new design for iOS 7.

Download it here

Google Search App for iOS Gets Even Better.

Google Search App for iOS - Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)
Handsfree mode, notifications, reminders and new cards. Yep, the Google Search App for iOS (my second favorite Google App after Google Maps) just got even better with their new update. Here's a video by Google that explains it a little better.

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Setting Up iCloud


Why iCloud ?

Why iCloud, you ask? Because it's awesome (not very radical but still awesome). iCloud keeps all  (well, most) of your data in sync between your iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. Create a new note on your iPad and see it on your Mac a few seconds later. Create a calendar event on your Mac and check it on your iPhone when you're on the go. iCloud keeps your Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Mail, Safari Bookmarks & Reading List, Pages Documents, Keynote Presentations, Numbers Files and even your Messages constantly in sync. iCloud even lets you keep Photo Streams so that any photo you take from your iPhone, iPod or iPad will automatically sync to all your devices. The possibilities are really endless. Let me give you a few examples of it's usefulness:

When you add something to your Reading List on your Mac, you probably want to 'read it later'. So you can read articles from your Mac reading list on your iPhone / iPad even when you're not at home. Similarly it also syncs bookmarks and even shows you which tabs are open on your other devices at any given time.

Another great example is Messages. You receive an iMessage on your phone number, right ? But with iCloud, even if someone sends you an iMessage on your phone number, you receive it on your Mac, iPhone and iPad at the same time and you can reply from any of these devices.

iCloud also backs up all your contact, calendars, notes, iWork documents, etc on iCloud.com so that you can access them at any time from any device (including a PC!).

How to Set Up ?

The best way to set up iCloud is to create a new iCloud account (usually, someone@icloud.com) and then sign in from all your devices. Here's how to set up: http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/ios.html

What's the Catch ?

Well, as of right now, the main problem with iCloud is that you only get 5GB of storage free when you sign up. Since Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Messages, etc don't take up much space, your storage need really depends on how much you'll be using Photo Stream, iWork and iTunes Match.

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OS X Mavericks Makes Sending Messages Easier

Messages button in notification center on OS X Mavericks

If you are an iMessage user, you may already know that you can send and receive iMessages on your Mac. And now, with OS X Mavericks, it's even easier. Mavericks now includes an iMessage button in the Notification Center which allows you to quickly send an iMessage from your Mac without having to open the Messages application or take out your phone.

The Mavericks Notification Center also notifies you when the track changes in iTunes and provides you with a handy skip button right on the notification. Other changes in the Notification Center include website alerts, replying straight from the notification bubble and a cleaner look.

Stay tuned for more updates on OS X Mavericks, iOS 7 and other Apple news !

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Apple October 22nd Event Roundup - iPad, Mac and Apps

The Apple October 22nd event certainly was not hyped up nearly enough. Initially thought to be primarily an iPad event with a possible Macbook upgrade turned out to uncover an iPad so new that it needed a new name, 13-inch & 15-inch Macbook Pros with Retina Display, OS X Mavericks, A completely new iWork and iLife on both Mac and iOS (6 new apps!) and completely revolutionised  software pricing.


Two new iPads were launched on October 22nd: iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display.

As rumoured, iPad Air takes on an iPad Mini-esque design with narrower bezels and a flatter back while retaining it's 9.7-inch retina display screen. It's thinner, lighter, sturdier and despite it, doesn't compromise on performance or battery: the new name certainly is justified. iPad Air includes a new Apple A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, delivering "killer" performance. iPad Air delivers improved WiFi performance, up to twice than of its predecessor due to the two antennas and MIMO technology. Surprisingly, there was no Touch ID sensor on any of the newly released devices. 

iPad Lineup with prices. Click to enlarge.
iPad Air retains the $499 price tag of previous 9.7-inch iPad Models while the iPad Mini with retina display gets a price tag of $399. The iPad 2 is still available - now at $399 - for those who want a cheaper but full-sized iPad. The original iPad Mini too remains in the lineup at $299.


OS X Mavericks (10.9) was launched for all Macs which were able to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion and, breaking the conventional OS X upgrades pricing structure, it was made completely free for everyone who had OS X Snow Leopard or above. Mavericks is Apple's latest Operating System upgrade for Mac and amongst its top features are iBooks and Maps apps, a greatly improved Finder with tabbed windows and tags, and iCloud keychain.

The Macbook Pro lineup received a handsome upgrade with new Intel Iris graphics, faster Flash storage, improved battery life, faster WiFi, Retina Display on both 13-inch and 15-inch models among other things. The Macbook Pros were also given a new design making them (surprise, surprise!) slimmer and lighter.

Macbook Pro Lineup with Prices. Click to enlarge.

The 13-inch non-retina display Macbook Pro still remains in the lineup (only one variant) at $1,199 and 13-inch retina display models are available at $1,299, $1,499 and $1,799. 
The 15-inch retina display models models are priced at $1,999 and $2,599 and the 15-inch non-retina display Macbook Pro is no longer available.


A new suite of iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) and iLife (iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band) was released on October 22nd for both Mac and iOS. The new apps are beautifully designed, hold some great new features and best of all, are available for free with every new Mac or iOS device.

Possibly the greatest addition to iWork apps is the collaboration feature which allows you to share a document with anyone and allow them to work on the document simultaneously. They don't need a Mac, an iOS device or even an iCloud ID. It works just as well with a windows through a web browser.

iLife apps include some great new features too such as 'Theatre' in iMovie and Drummer in Garage Band. If you already have iLife or iWork apps on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can update them for free from the App Stores. If not, they're free with with all new devices.

Apple October 22nd Event - iPads, MacBooks, Apple TV and a Surprise ?

Invitation for September 22nd event
Apple's keynote media event begins at 10 A.M Pacific Time / 1 P.M Eastern Time on October 22nd, 2013. Just a few hours away. 

If rumour is to be believed (and rumours have been reliable in the past), the event will unveil an iPad 5, a new 9.7 inch (standard-sized) iPad which will feature a design that takes after that of the iPad Mini. 

An iPad Mini 2 is also supposed to be released with retina display and new colour variants: space grey and gold. Apple may also release new smart covers, as hinted in the invitation.

A new line of Macbook Pros with Intel Haswell CPUs, 802.11ac, better battery life and other similar upgrades can be expected. This would be coherent with previous Macbook Air upgrades. A Haswell Mac Mini upgrade might also be seen although there's little news on that front.

OS X Mavericks, which was announced in June, will likely be talked about in a little more detail and a release date for it announced. A Mac Pro upgrade, which has been due since 2010, is also likely although technically that could happen anytime before December 21st. Even so, we can expect some more details on the Mac Pro to be clarified today.

iPhone App - SAT Flashcards: Improve Your Vocabulary

Download Control Your Mac's latest iPhone app! SAT Flashcards: Improve Your Vocabulary is an app that improves your vocabulary for the SAT and other such tests by showing you hundreds of flashcards of words that are most likely to appear in the SAT. In order to allow you to test yourself, the app displays the flashcards in random order and allows you to hide and show the definition with a simple tap. And all this in a beautifully designed app with several different color schemes to choose from.

- Over Three Hundred (300+) flashcards on SAT level words with definitions and synonyms
- Ability to hide or show the definition to test yourself better
- Shake or tap to change the word
- Swipe to switch between color schemes
- Flashcards are comprehensive telling you what type of word it is as well as its definition and synonyms
- Flashcards are displayed in random order, allowing you to test yourself better
- Ability to share from within the app

Updating to iOS 7: 5 Things to Consider

On the 18th of September, Apple released its much awaited iOS 7 software update as a free download. But before you update, here are five things you should consider:


iOS 7 is the biggest change Apple has ever made to iOS and unlike previous updates, the changes in iOS 7 are mostly changes in design. Although the rumors of its 'flat' design weren't entirely accurate, iOS 7 is still a big change from iOS 6 and will definitely take some getting used to. App designs are far more minimalist with fewer real world references. Transparency and blurred backgrounds have taken the place of the grey linen background. Colors are far more vibrant and bright colors have been used less sparingly than before. While some may like the new design, there will be others who have been using iOS for a very long time and may not be comfortable with the changes. If you aren't sure about iOS 7, look it up in a little more detail on the Apple website and on other websites. Get a feel for the new design and decide whether or not to upgrade. Once you update to iOS 7, there's no going back to iOS 6. Well, there is, but it's a tedious and painful process. (as in Potential Loss of Data)
To get some idea of the depths of iOS 7, take a look at our screenshot gallery here:
iOS 7 Screenshot Gallery (65+ Photos and Counting)

2. Check Your Device Compatibility

As expected, not all devices are compatible with iOS 7. And even among the ones that are, you should note that the older devices (iPhone 4, iPad 2, etc) are likely to experience poorer performance with iOS 7 than newer devices. Moreover, some features of iOS 7 (AirDrop, translucency, etc) may not be fully compatible with the older devices. 

3. App Developers will take time to update UI

Apple may have released iOS 7 with it's striking new changes, but app makers aren't necessarily going to update their apps to the new design immediately. Some apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, etc have already been updated / will soon be updated but the same may not be said for all apps.

4. No Jailbreak for iOS 7 Yet

It is unlikely that a jailbreak will be released for iOS 7 anytime soon and there's no telling when, if ever, it will be released. So if you want a jailbroken device, you might want to keep clear of iOS 7 for a while.

5. BACKUP! (And Update)

Lastly, make SURE you backup your device before you update because if ever you wish to downgrade to iOS 6 and keep all your data, you will need to have a backup. It's also a good precaution in case anything goes wrong during the update. To backup, connect your device to your computer, open iTunes and click Backup.
To update directly from your phone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. 

My New Project: YourInternship

Hello Everyone,

I've been working on a new project with a friend: YourInternship.in. Please check it out and sign up. Much appreciated - http://yourinternship.in/

Download Our App: Decisions!

Our iPhone and iPad App 'Decisions!' is now available on the App Store for free download.

Ever faced a tough decision? Looking for a die to throw? Or perhaps a coin to toss? Or maybe you just need a lottery number.

Decisions! is an app that can be used as a die, a coin, a random number generator and much more. Can't decide which color to pick? Use Decisions! Can't decide what to do when you're bored? Use Decisions! Can't pick between answer choices? Use Decisions! What to eat, what to drink, how much to rate a movie out of 5, whether to agree or disagree, which pet to get, which country to visit? For every choice, you can use Decisions! Your creativity is the limit.


Bright, Beautiful and Intuitive design.
Doubles as a coin, a die, a number picker and much more.
Helps you with day to day decisions (What to eat/ drink ? What to do ? Which answer to pick: A,B,C or D?)
iPhone 5 and iPad optimized.
Universal App.
Completely Free
No Ads

Decisions! Screenshot

iOS 7 Screenshot Gallery (65+ Photos and Counting)

As you may already know, iOS 7, the latest major upgrade to the iOS operating system was announced last week at the WWDC 2013 keynote along with the Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9), the new Mac Pro, iWork for iCloud and a new Macbook Air lineup.

iOS 7 is, as Apple says, the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone. And rightly so. Everything about the operating system has been completely redesigned, removing all instances of skeuomorphism (elements of the OS which attempted to depict real life elements) such as the yellow legal pad design of the inbuilt Notes app, etc) 

Following its usual pattern, Apple has, unfortunately, not been made iOS 7 available to the public as yet, but only to Apple developers for beta testing to find and fix bugs that may be present in the OS.

As of right now, the developer beta version is only for iPhone, not iPad.

Here is a massive collection of iOS 7 screenshots on an iPhone 5, showing the new designs of various applications and the finer aspects of the OS.

iPhone Guide Series: Camera

Click to enlarge

As part of a new iPhone Guide series I plan to start, I've uploaded a quick start guide to using the iPhone camera. You can view it as an image below, or download the PDF from: http://goo.gl/iitV3

Click on the image to enlarge

Play with this iOS 7 Mockup before WWDC

Click to enlarge

With WWDC '13 just round the corner, rumours, mockups and supposedly 'leaked photos' of the newly redesigned iOS are floating around the web a dime a dozen. One particularly interesting one is the interactive html mockup that works on any web browser, mobile or otherwise. You can use it, play around with it and see mockups of most of the applications. I was particularly impressed by the mockup of notification centre, mail, messages and reminders. You can see and play around with the mockup yourself at: http://recombu.com/mobile/interactive/iphone-5s-ios7-concept/

iOS 7 Concept Video by SimplyZesty

In anticipation of the much awaited redesigned iOS 7, SimplyZesty has created a concept video of what iOS 7 may look like based on the information gathered from the more reliable rumours.

Free iPad App: LiquidSketch

Liquid Sketch: Solve puzzles using beautifully colored, unbelievably realistic liquid. Rotate your device to pour, use your fingers to splash around or build bridges and pipes with blocks. Engage in 90 challenges testing your logic over 6 stages covering different aspects of liquid mechanics or let your imagination run wild in the sandbox mode.

LiquidSketch is truly an amazing puzzle game that has received a great rating on the App Store (4+). I personally rate it:


A Comprehensive Review of the iPad Mini

iPad Mini
I admit, I was skeptical at first. After publicly denouncing the smaller 7-inch tablets, Apple itself came out with the iPad Mini with the (pretty shoddy, I might add) excuse that it wasn't a 7-inch but rather a 7.9-inch tablet. The height of hypocracy ? Or the magic or marketing ?

So Apple had come out with a smaller tablet ? Naturally, my first response was "Why?". After all, the iPad had shown itself not only as a powerful tablet but as an all-in-one device that people world over loved. And there was practically no real competition.The Google Nexus, the Blackberry Playbook, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and countless others had tried and failed to deliver the amazing experience of the iPad. So what was the need for an iPad Mini? Unlike the iPad, it did not fill the enormous gap between smartphone and laptop. (In any case, I'm sure that gap was feeling a bit overcrowded now.)

Sure, I occasionally thought the iPad was a little big to hold comfortably while reading or browsing the web, but I wouldn't have thought of trading it for a smaller one. That is, until I used the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is one of those devices that you simply have to experience to know why Apple made it. After having spent a considerable amount of time with the iPad Mini, I feel it is now safe for me to say that I wouldn't trade it for the full sized iPad. Atleast, not yet.

The Design

It all comes down to this. The design is one of the major difference between the iPad mini and the full sized iPad, and I have to say: there's a difference. The iPad Mini is less than half the weight of the full-sized iPad and has a design similar to the iPhone 5 with diamond-cut precision and metallic chamfers surrounding the device (these are especially prominent on the white version). Unlike it's elder brother, it feels extremely comfortable to hold in one hand even for prolonged periods of time. For reading, browsing, watching videos, playing games, emailing, etc, it truly is the perfect sized device.

In order to make the iPad Mini more mini-like, Apple removed the thick bezel from the sides of the device, resulting in a beautiful overall design. This can create a slight problem in holding the device but Apple resolved that with an added feature in the preinstalled iOS 6, which detects when your finger is resting on the screen and doesn't consider it as a touch. Even though it works very well 99% of the time, I prefer to hold it by the thin side bezels because i prefer to see the whole screen rather than have my fingers obscuring my view. (Or perhaps I'm just not used to it yet)
Because the top and bottom borders are larger, it is quite easy to hold in landscape too.

iPad Mini is quite comfortable to use in landscape mode.

The back of the iPad Mini is silver-colored on the white iPad and slate-colored on the Black one. Both look extremely good although the slate back exhibits smudges and fingerprints more prominently.

One detail that particularly impressed me about the iPad Mini was how every single detail of the device was color matched. The Apple logo, the round ring around the rear-facing camera, the volume buttons, the power button, the rotation lock/ mute switch and even the inside of the lightning connector port, everything is perfectly color coordinated.

Given the success of this design on the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, it's quite likely that the next model of the full-sized iPad will too be fashioned similarly (chamfers, color-coordination, etc), though presumably not the smaller side bezels.

And once again, I cannot stress enough how good it feels to hold because of it's light weight and comfortable form factor.

iPad Mini is the perfect sized device for reading, browsing, watching videos, emailing, etc

When it comes to design and feel, the iPad Mini has hit the nail on the head.

iOS and Apps

All iPad apps run flawless on iPad Mini and without any scaling, stretching or other modification.

The iPad Mini comes preloaded with iOS 6 and I have to say, there's not much of a difference.
It's pretty much the standard iOS which we have come to know and love. All the standard apps are too installed and the best part about is that all 275,000 apps work flawlessly and without any scaling, stretching or other modification. iPad Mini is also Siri-enabled.

iPad Mini is Siri-Enabled

The iPad Feel

The form factor feels great to use anywhere unlike the full-sized iPad which has it's limits where convenience is concerned. But aside from that, I won't lie: it feels exactly when an iPad in terms of the interface. And that's because it is an iPad. It runs the same apps, it has the same resolution screen and it even has the same physical buttons. Its just smaller.
The iPad Mini also features a lightning connector which is smaller, thinner and best of all, reversible.

How the Smaller Screen affects Usage.

As I mentioned earlier, the iPad Mini feels pretty much the same as the full sized iPad in terms of usage and interface. So far, I haven't had any problems because of the smaller-sized screen, but for the thicker-fingers out there, some things which are a little small even in the full-sized iPad may be a little more problematic on this mini screen. (pun intended) The Safari bookmarks bar is the only such thing I have come across so far, but I'm sure many more lie waiting.

Although very rarely, some things which are a little small even in the full sized iPad screen may be a little problematic on this mini screen (pun intendedsuch as the safari bookmarks bar. 


So this is quite a common question about how the size of the iPad mini affects typing capabilities and comfort. And it's rather surprising. I actually find typing easier on this a lot of the time. Because the screen is less wide, it's easier to type on it portrait than it was on the full sized iPad.
Typing on landscape is, again, great if you're holding it in your hands. But if you're used to setting the iPad down on a desk and typing, it's not as easy as it was. Not that it's uncomfortable or inconvenient but just that its not as easy as it was on the full sized iPad's keyboard. (I'm typing this article on the iPad Mini and it's quite comfortable to use)

The Display

The iPad Mini features a 7.9-inch display which separates it from other tablets in the 7-inch tablet market. Although it may not seem like much the extra inch (approximately) means a fairly large increase in screen real estate in comparison to other 7-inch tablets. Apple boasts of a 35% larger screen. 

Apple boasts of a 35% larger screen than on a regular 7-inch tablet.

The lack of retina display isn't too noticeable given the smaller screen and higher pixel density in comparison to the iPad 2. Since the iPad Mini has the same resolution as the iPad 1 & 2 but on a smaller screen, it's pixel density is slightly more than that of the iPad 2. (or 1). However it is significantly lower than that of it's retina brothers. 
iPad 1 & 2 - 132 ppi
iPad Mini - 168 ppi
iPad 3 & 4 - 264 ppi
'ppi' stands for pixels per inch

Despite the lower resolution screen, the pixels really aren't all that visible. If you live in retinaworld where all your devices have retina display and you're really picky about that sort of stuff, then sure you might notice the difference. But normally, you're unlikely to notice it unless you stick your eye right in the display and look for the pixels.

The Internals

On the one hand, there's the perfect size and form factor. But on the other hand, the iPad Mini has an outdated A5 processor and no retina display. And to make matters worse, the full-sized iPad sits right next to it, beaming with an A6X processor and an evil retina grin. So how does the iPad Mini perform with the older internals ?
So far, I haven't been too disappointed with the older A5 processor. Admittedly, the fourth-generation iPad with the A6X processor does run webpages faster and load apps quicker than the Mini does but the iPad Mini isn't lagging far behind. One reason for this is that although the A5 processor is slower than the A6X processor, the iPad Mini doesn't have to push out as many pixels as the full-sized iPad due to it's lack of Retina Display.
At present, the only part about the processor that I'm unhappy about is that it will probably get blacklisted from the latest iOS quicker than the others.


The cameras on the iPad Mini are the same as on the 3rd and 4th generation iPads and thankfully, a significant improvement on the cameras present on the iPad 2. 

The front facing FaceTime camera is capable of 1.3 megapixel stills and 720p video

The rear-facing camera is capable of shooting 5 megapixel stills and full HD 1080p video while the front facing FaceTime camera is capable of 1.3 megapixel stills and 720p video.
The camera quality is reasonably good although it's lacking in low light.

The rear facing camera is capable of shooting 5 megapixel stills and full HD 1080p video

The Overall Experience

The overall experience of the iPad Mini is exceptionally good, primarily due to it's smaller size and portability. Just the fact that it is far easier to pick up and use comfortably makes it extremely enjoyable to use despite it's slightly lacking internals.


The iPad Mini, being extremely light and compact, is ideal for traveling. It fits nicely into a jacket pocket adding little weight. However if you plan to carry it around a lot, I suggest you get a case or cover for it, particularly if your jacket pocket has zips.


The iPad Mini comes in 3 Storage Options: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB which come with a price tag of $329, $429 and $529 respectively for the Wi-Fi only models. The WiFi + Cellular Model adds an additional $130 to the existing price. Black and White Models are both available with no price difference.

Which Model to Buy

Given the portable nature of the iPad Mini, buying a cellular Model would make more sense on the smaller device unless you plan to use it primarily at home, work or other wifi enabled places.
As far as storage options are concerned,
16GB - If you plan to use it primarily for reading, using a few apps, etc (Mild Media Consumption)
32GB - Moderate Media Consumption (Movies, Music, etc), Reading, Gaming, etc.
64GB - Buy this model if your iPad is your primary device for Media Consumption, Gaming, Work, Reading, etc.

White versus Black

Both the white and black models are extremely appealing. The White model has a Silver back and the chamfers around the body of the device are particularly noticable and attractive. While reading, the pages blend nicely with the white bezel of this device making it a very pleasant experience. The Black Model has a Slate back and the device contrasts better with the screen. Black Bars in widescreen movies blend better in the Black Model but smudges and fingerprints are more noticable on this model.